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Demo Lodge # 0
100 Masonic Way, Jerusalem, Tyre
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We are going to be very busy this year.

*Visiting other lodges, and making plans to visit many other lodges throughout the year.
*Keeping our eyes open for that good man that would make a good candidate for Masonry.
*Visiting our sick and shut-in brothers.
*Contacting our members, via the Grand Lodge Birthday list.
*Visiting brothers who are requesting demits, and or remits.
*Utilizing electronic medium to speed up lodge communications.

*Get a new website for our lodge, especially from MasonicPages, who offer so much for such a low cost to our lodge, and it is made for a mason by a mason

*Improving ritual presentation through scheduled practices.
*Increase the number of family outings this year
*Working with some established local charities to benefit our community
*Working to compliment the efforts of our appendant bodies, such as York and Scottish Rite
*Doing everything that we can to make being a Mason fun & exciting.
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